🌅Sunset Network🌅
Create base for V1 of Sunset Network
✅ Learn HTML and code base of site🖥️
✅ Learn CSS and code design of site💻
❌ Learn JavaScript and code main part of site🌐
✅ Test for errors and release v1!!!⛔
Polish v1 and add new features
✅ Add settings page and make customizable ⚙️
✅ Make a cool brightness feature/theme 💡
✅ Add a shortcut sections to play games 🎮
❌ Add a shortcut feature to add pinned sites📌
Create V2 of Sunset Network
❌ Start working on making Sunset look better👀
❌ Try to work on faster proxy speeds💨
❌ Add more themes to choose from⚙️
❌ Add background music player🎵
❌ Maybe make Sunset-Tabbed🖥️